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Prompts 2011

Here it is then, the 2011 Halloween Creature Fest, Monster Movie Prompts list.


Prompt 1.
  Film: The Rite
Creature: Demon
Pairing: Harry/Draco or Draco/Albus (or Harry/Draco/Albus :D)
Era: Post-Hogwarts
Additions: a religious item, a non-religious item, a magical item
Scenario: one of the main characters is an exorcist. author's choice of the other character is an apprentice or the possessed. also, if possible, the exorcism would take on a magical aspect and less of the religious aspect.
Squicks: mpreg, crossdressing, and gore (a bit of blood is okay). also for this prompt, crack/humor is a squick
Maximum Rating: author's choice

Prompt 2.
  Film: Shaun of the Dead
Creature: Zombies (or would they be inferi here?)
Pairing: up to author – Neville/?
Era: Post Hogwarts
Additions: Cricket bat, pub, other team who are doing better
Scenario: The Zombies are taking over, it's up to Neville and his flatmates to stop them.
Squicks: rape/non-con, underage, watersports, scat.
Maximum Rating: whatever you feel like!

Prompt 3.
  Film: Legend of Hell House
Creature: Evil Ghosts/Spirits
Pairing: My OTP preference is always Snarry but you could do any slash pairing or multi-pairing. Het in the mix is fine. In fact – I’m hoping for an orgy on this one!
Era: Post Hogwarts - as AU as you need.
Additions: Multi-person sex scene or all-out orgy. The movie hinted at those activities but never showed them but claimed that’s why the house was so evil. The guests in the movie began experiencing feelings of lust – but it was not shown since it was the 1960’s. (God – I loved Roddy McDowell in this movie!)
Scenario: In essence there is a large mansion/castle that a small group of people are supposed to investigate. Ideally, I’d love to see a team consisting of an Auror (Harry), a psychic (Luna), an exorcist (Draco? Neville?) and the only survivor of the previous visit (Snape)are sent to the notorious Hell House to clear it. Previous visitors have either been killed or gone mad, and it is up to the team to survive a full week in isolation, and solve the mystery of the Hell House. There could be other member of the team as well.
Squicks: No squicks really. In fact the more the better!!
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompt 4.
Serpent and the Rainbow
Creature: Zombies
Pairing: Snape should be here since the original is based on poisons, this could be caused or cured by potions. My OTP preference is always Snarry but you could do Snape/Lucius or Snape/Regulus on a mission for Voldemort, or Sirius/Snape and Sirius was on the run and in another country. If Snarry – My guess is Harry is an Auror that needs Snape’s help. Trying to give some leeway here. Essentially the plot is someone is investigating what seems to be a supernatural zombie outbreak but in essence is a political cover-up. Maybe this is how Inferi were created?
Era: Depends on Pairing. If other than Snarry – should be pre-Hogwarts – if Snarry – I assume Post.
Additions: Voodoo, buried alive.
Scenario: The movie was based in Haiti but you could choose another locale like New Orleans that’s known for Voodoo magic.
Squicks: No squicks really - do what you need!
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompt 5.
  Film: Fright Night
Creature: Vampires
Pairing: Love Snape to be the Vampire and Harry the next door neighbor investigating him – of course I’d like it to end up Snarry!
Era: Hogwarts as Harry probably needs to be 18 or 19 to pull off the character
Additions: Ginny as the girlfriend (but he leaves her for Snape). I could so see Dumbledore, Lupin or Sirius as the cheesy late-night scary movie host that “helps” them (other career would be fine – but something stupid). Ron as the best friend turned into a vamp would be fun too!
Scenario: The basic movie outline that Harry believes Snape is a vampire and no one believes him except cheesy movie host. I’d love to have it have the same “fun” feel as the original movie (the one with Chris Sarandon)
Squicks: No squicks really
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompt 6.
Click on the poster for part 1 of the movie on YouTube. All parts can be seen there.
 Film: Vampyr (Carl Dreyer, 1932)
Creature: vampire (female vampire)
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Era: seventh year AU
Additions: butterfly, a Malfoy house-elf, Disillusionment charm
Scenario: While searching the Horcruxes, the trio asks for shelter in an run-down manor on the outskirts of a small village in Wiltshire.
Allan Grey --> Harry Potter
Léone --> Draco Malfoy
Marguerite Chopin --> Bellatrix Lestrange
Squicks: none
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompt 7.
  Film: The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Creature: zombie, inferi
Pairing: Harry/Draco; or: Luna/Hermione; or: Pansy/Neville
Era: post-Hogwarts
Additions: "eclecticty", Meatloaf, Hand of Glory
Scenario: Lovers get caught in a storm and end up at an old castle. During the night they find out they've come to a lair of crazy ex-Death Eaters trying to resurrect Tom Riddle (aka Rocky Horror).
Squicks: bottom!Draco, for this prompt
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompt 8.
  Film: A Nightmare at Elm Steet
Creature: werewolf
Pairing: Remus-centric gen; or: Remus/Sirius
Era: Marauders Era
Additions: a battered hat, fire, the full moon
Scenario: As a child, Remus Lupin keeps dreaming that he is stalked by a giant werewolf with yellow teeth and razor-sharp claws. Always, just when the werewolf catches him, he wakes up screaming, only to discover razor cuts on his pyjamas and his skin, just like in the dream. One night, Remus doesn't wake up when the werewolf attacks.
Squicks: dub-con sex or sexual innuendo between Fenrir and Remus
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompt 9.
 Princess Mononoke Film: Princess Mononoke
Creature: Werewolf
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Era: Whatever fits
Additions: full moon, white wolves, patronus charm
Scenario: Harry is cursed and on his way to find a cure he runs into village that is slowly destroying a nearby forest and embroiled in a war with the animals that live in the forest. Harry witnesses an attack on the village by wolves and he sees Draco, who had disappeared from the wizarding world and now lives as a werewolf adopted by the wolf pack. Together they forge an uneasy truce to try to end the war and save Harry from his curse. (The roles can be reversed- maybe it's Draco cursed by his lingering Dark Mark and Harry as the werewolf??)
Squicks: Any hardcore sexual kinks, though bestiality is fine if you want. Character death.
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompt 10.
  Film: (The picture of) Dorian Gray
Creature: Um... an immortal painting? Perhaps a vampire, but the author/artist is free to pick something else if they would prefer.
Pairing: Any (but preferably slash)
Era: Any
Additions: Horse-drawn carriages, the Thames, a mirror
Scenario: A famous painter, Basil, meets the stunning Dorian and instantly becomes infatuated with him. Dorian remains young and beautiful and begins a life of debauchery, while the portrait Basil produced of him, hidden away in a locked room, ages instead.
Squicks: Hardcore sexual kinks.
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompt 11.
There have been various film adaptations I think, so this is a link for the book.
 Film: The Hound of the Baskervilles
Creature: Werewolf
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Era: Post-Hogwarts
Additions: full moon, scratched tree trunks, peacock feathers
Scenario: At the estate that used to be Malfoy Manor before the Malfoys were forced to give it up, a huge beast is terrifying the Baskerville family. Aurors Potter and Weasley are sent to investigate. While Ron believes it is the family's curse to be visited by the Grim, Harry realises that Draco has come back to the only place his werewolf mind can remember. It's up to Harry to convince him that his life is worth living again.
Squicks: Major sexual kinks. Character death.
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompt 12.
 The Innocents Film: The Innocents
based on Henry James' novel The Turn of the Screw
Creature: ghosts
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Era: 7th year AU
Additions: doves, violin
Scenario: Amy Benson and Daniel Bishop, the two children from the orphanage where Tom Riddle lived as a child, fell in love and married. Their marriage, though, was not a happy one, because both were haunted by whatever Riddle did to them when he brought them to the seaside cave. Daniel turned violent at times (think Peter Quint), especially when Amy (think Mrs Jessel) refused to comply with his sexual demands. They both die when Death Eaters destroy Brocksdale Bridge. They become ghosts and, looking for a place to exist, are lead by the Dementors to no. 12, Grimmauld Place. There Harry, Ron and Hermione are hiding and researching the Horcruxes. They are soon joined by Draco, who (AU) is brought here by Snape after the death of Dumbledore. Amy Benson and Daniel Bishop possess Harry (think Flora) and Draco (think Miles) to recapture the physical side of their love even after death. The sex they are forced into is abusive and violent. Harry and Draco don't know what is happening to them and act out/get depressed/hate each other when they are back to their own selves. Hermione (think Miss Giddens) is the only one who realises what is happening and tries to get Harry and Draco to confront the ghosts. Her own hang-ups about (gay) sex are not helping, though.
I'd love for Harry and Draco to truly come together once the forced sex through the ghostly possession has ended. However, if someone claims this prompt and wants to a character death ending like in the movie, I'm fine with it, too.
Squicks: for this prompt, bottom!Draco, girly boys
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompt 13.
  Film: To Sleep with a Vampire
Creature: Vampire.. duh
Pairing: Draco (vampire)/Harry (Nina)
Era: post-hogwarts
Additions: need the taxi cab and the beach, please.
Scenario: taken from IMDB Scott Valentine is a vampire who is torn between his need to feed and his desire to learn about the world of humans. But when he kidnaps Nina, a beautiful but troubled stripper, his world is turned upside down. For after she discovers that he cannot be hurt physically, Nina tries a new tactic -- seduction.
Squicks: I don't want the movie ending. I want a happy one.
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompt 14.
  Film: The Wizard of Oz
Creature: Incubi and Vampires and Werewolves (oh my!)
Pairing: H/D
Era: AU
Additions: "I guess we're not in Little Whinging any more", green flash plimsolls, "Are you a friend of Dorothy?"
Scenario: Harry's always wanted to go to Aus, from what he hears Sydney is chock full of gorgeous tanned gay men, but when a freak magical cyclone hits Surrey (of all places) and transplants his Aunt's house to Oz, he discovers it's not quite how he imagined. Furthermore, he saw the Wizard of Oz on telly when he was a kid, and that wasn't quite like this either!

So, with field of Inferi, Vampires in the bar on the side of the road that Dorothy never went into, a cowardly lion animagus called Neville, werewolves howling in the night and a whole host of other familiar faces besides, is there really no place like home?

Squicks: rape/non-con, underage, scat, watersports
Maximum Rating: wherever the yellow brick road takes you

Prompt 15.
  Film: Scream (first one)
Creature: Ghoul
Pairing: Draco/writer's choice
Era: Hogwarts Golden Trio
Additions: Please include my favorite students: Blaise, Pansy, Ginny, Luna, Harry, Neville, and Hannah. Feel free to include any others you wish.
Scenario: It's Christmas Break at Hogwarts – since so many students remained behind this year, Dumbledore has opened up the Great Hall for a Monster Movie Fest while the Professors are away at the Ministry attending a mandatory meeting of the School Board. He's trusted the seventh years to look out for the younger students. Too bad Dumbledore didn't realize there was a killer among them.
Squicks: Do your worst – totally Unsquickable thus far
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompt 16.
   Film: Combination The Thing and The Blob (80's remake)
Creature: Viscous Material that is able to mimic whatever it consumes
Pairing: Draco/writer's choice
Era: Hogwarts Golden Trio
Additions: I'd like the “blob” to be a student that is able to maintain human form so long as it is fed but requires multiple feedings to remain in human form and must transform to its viscous state in order to feed. Once it has consumed a student, it can mimic that student perfectly but does not have that student's memories only the memories it was a part of while pretending to be a student.
Scenario: “Writer's choice” has been acting really odd lately. He/she seems to have really changed their personality. It's so odd and why are so many students going missing?
Squicks: What are these squicks of which you speak? I have no squicks...
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompt 17.
  Film: Cat People (1942)
Creature: Were-panther
Pairing: Remus Lupin/Irena Dubrovna or Sirius Black/Irena Dubrovna
Era: First Voldemort War
Additions: Paris, sketchpad, noir
Scenario: On assignment for the Order, either Remus thinks he has found someone who can understand him, or Sirius thinks he has found someone with whom he can relive his student adventures.
Squicks: Non-consent, needless killing of innocents, Muggle-baiting
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompt 18.
 Film: Godzilla - King of the Monsters!
Creature: Godzilla
Pairing: None needed, but Kingsley Shacklebolt/any cast member, if you're adventurous
Era: Pre-Voldemort
Additions: Destruction of Tokyo, experimental weapons, scientist with interfering family member
Scenario: Kingsley Shacklebolt is good with dragons and English Muggle politicians. The Ministry sends the young Shacklebolt to Japan to interact with what the Ministry believes to be a new type of dragon and to observe how the Japanese Muggles deal with it.
Squicks: Animals harmed in the making of the story, cultural or racial stereotypes
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompt 19.
  Film: Coraline
Creature: Other Mother and Other Father
Pairing: Gen
Era: Any
Additions: Feral cat, unusual neighbors, new local friend/acquaintance
Scenario: One of the "lost boys of Hogwarts" (Tom Riddle, Severus Snape, Harry Potter) finds a doll that looks like him, and it has button eyes.
Squicks: Sexual abuse of children
Maximum Rating: G or PG

Prompt 20.
  Film: The Shining
Creature: Malicious Ghosts
Pairing: Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley (established), and writer's choice in the story
Era: Post-Epilogue
Additions: No ban on underage magic in U.S., flashbacks, Slytherin Albus Severus
Scenario: Harry Potter has a treat for his stressed-out family: winter break as nominal caretakers of the Overlook Hotel in the United States. The departing chef, who seems familiar to Harry and Ginny, warns of ghosts from the past.
Squicks: Sexual violence
Maximum Rating: R

Prompt 21.
  Film: Scott Pilgrim vs The World
Creature: Veela
Pairing: H/D
Era: Post Hogwarts
Additions: Pansy as one of the exes, Ginny as Knives (the girl obsessed with Harry) and Ron as Harry's (straight) flat mate
Scenario: Harry meets Draco again a few years after school (Harry is in a band and taking part in battle of the bands) and quickly becomes obsessed with him. However, Draco is a Veela and lots of people are obsessed with him. Now, Harry must defeat Draco's seven evil exes.
Squicks: rape/non-con, under age, scat, watersports.
Maximum Rating: new high score

Prompt 22.
  Film: The Island of Dr. Moreau
Creature: Multiple human/animal mixes as in the movie
Pairing: Draco/writer's choice
Era: After the war
Additions: Voldemort is no more but there are rumors that another dark wizard has arisen with evil experimentations
Scenario: For writer's choice (yachting accident, Auror's chasing a fugitive, wrong portkey, etc...) Draco and (any others you wish) find themselves on a mysterious island that renders their magic useless and a strange man who seems to enjoy odd humanlike creatures. (Perhaps he's found a way to create 1/2 human 1/2 animal using a partial animagus spell?)
Squicks: Nope
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompt 23.
  Film: (Combination of) The Descent and The Descent 2
Creature: Crawlers (formerly human; rejected subjects of magical/scientific experiments)
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Era: Post-Hogwarts
Additions: Bottom!Draco, pickaxe, government conspiracy
Scenario: Draco Malfoy who had missing since the war was won by the Light Side, resurfaces in an isolated Muggle village, covered from head to toe in blood and gore. Doctors/Healers found him mute, severely malnourished and traumatized, with selective amnesia (some things he remembers, some things he doesn't). Auror Potter was sent to investigate.
Squicks: mpreg and all those hardcore kinky stuff like watersports, scat and etc. Harry and/or Draco character death, sad endings
Maximum Rating: Author's choice

Prompt 24.
  Film: The Eye (either the original 2002 Asian Horror by the Pang Brothers or the American remake in 2008 starring Jessica Alba)
Link to American Remake:

Creature: Demon/Evil spirit/Death aka Grim's choice on which one of the three (Not so sure about the American Remake but the original movie had Death or rather, Reapers appearing as actual dark entities, invisible to the naked eye but not to the ones 'gifted' with the Sight. The dark entities aka Reapers appear when somebody dies and takes the person's soul with them, either by force or choice. They can be malicious when need be, especially when 'reaping' an unwilling soul who refuses to depart to the Other Side, so to speak)

Pairing: Harry/Draco
Era: Post-Hogwarts
Additions: A Draco who wears glasses... that's it
Scenario: Post eye-op (via magical procedure or Muggle surgery; author's choice), Draco develops a new ability; the Sight to See the Supernatural. Draco Sees Harry being stalked by some sort of a malicious entity and is determined to save him.
Squicks: Harry and/or Draco character death
Maximum Rating: Author's choice

Prompt 25.
  Film: Wishing Stairs (Part 3 of the classic Korean horror series, Whispering Corridors)
Creature: Any undead creature (Suggestions: Draugr, Revenant) or Demon

Pairing: Harry/Draco
Era: Hogwarts-years, 6th Year
Additions: Dark!Powerful!Possessive!Harry (yes, this means Harry is the creature), Ouija board, Chamber of Secrets
Scenario: What if instead of Cedric dying at the end of GoF, it was Harry that was killed? Two years later, Draco, frightened and frustrated at his inability to execute the task of killing Dumbledore (coerced by the Dark Lord) resurrects Harry Potter (through some Dark ritual or if you were to follow the movie, 'wishes' for Harry to 'come back' through some evil device, author's choice) as a final act of desperation... because the war is lost without the Boy-Who-Lived. 16 year old Harry mysteriously appears the next day, looking, feeling and smelling just the way he always have... except different. Draco finally understands what it means to 'be careful what you wish for'
Squicks: Sad endings and de-aging for this prompt... when Harry 'returns' to the world of the living, he returns as what his 16-year-old self should look like should he lived through GoF and OoTP
Maximum Rating: Author's choice

Prompt 26.
  Film: Constantine
Creature: Infiri? Dementors taking over human bodies?
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Era: EWE
Additions: Red sheets, Snape as 'Midnight', Happy end
Scenario: Voldemort has found a way to get back to life from hell(?), all he needs is a powerful medium (Draco). Harry works as a Unspeakable and is a expert of the Occult.
Squicks: watersports&scat
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompt 27.
  Film: Frankenstein
Creature: The Monster
Pairing: Writer's Choice
Era: Post-DH
Additions: Muggle villagers, violin, harnessing power of nature
Scenario: After suffering great loss, a witch/wizard travels to a hidden lodge in a remote part of the British Isles and works with a servant to reanimate a body with the brain they took from the Department of Mysteries at the Ministry
Squicks: None for this
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompt 28.
  Film: Red Riding Hood (recent release)
Creature: Werewolf
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Era: Post-Hogwarts
Additions: Wormtail's silver hand, Deluminator, a staff
Scenario: I'd like to see Draco in the role of Valerie with Harry being the one he loves (Peter).
Squicks: Major character death (Harry or Draco), non-con, infidelity
Maximum Rating: Up to NC17

Prompt 29.
  Film: The Faculty
Creature: evil plant!teachers
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Era: Hogwarts-era
Additions: Snape standing in the rain, Draco panics once, most quidditch players assimilated
Scenario: An evil plant in Herbology spawns and takes over the faculty at Hogwarts, leaving a small group of students to figure out how to stop it.
Squicks: mpreg, rape, major character death, effeminate men
Maximum Rating: your choice

Prompt 30.
  Film: The Mummy
Creature: a mummy
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Era: EWE
Additions: Harry bringing up dirt on others in order to pull in favors, a kiss, jars with mummy remains
Scenario: Draco stumbles across a mysterious book and being the curious sap he is, reads it only to accidentally resurrect an ancient, evil warlock far more powerful than Voldemort ever was. In order to stop it, he enlists the help of Harry Potter, who has fallen far from the favorable view of the public eye.
Squicks: mpreg, rape, major character death, effeminate men
Maximum Rating: your choice

Prompt 31.
  Film: The Ring/Ringu
Creature: Ghost
Pairing: Harry/Draco, Harry/Severus, Sirius/Remus
Era: Any
Scenario: one of the characters finds the video (in the movie) and watches it for a lark and gets the phone call. It can either be a true horror where one of them dies or sets up an innocent to take the place of the one to die, or a humor where the ghost chases them down and the constantly get away.
Squicks: feminized men
Maximum Rating: any. I don't need any porn for this, I would rather be laughing or scared.

Prompt 32.
  Film:The Blob
Creature: The Blob
Pairing: Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger; Ron Weasley as the Blob/Blaise Zabini; Ron Weasley/Blaise Zabini
Era: EWE
Additions: Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy call a truce when it looks like Blaise is interested in Ron as more than an interesting problem.
Scenario: Hermione’s new job as an Unspeakable comes home with her one day when she bumps into an ancient Wizarding apothecary chest. Ron ends up paying for her negligence as his hunger begins to run out of control and only Unspeakable Zabini is willing to explore the problem.
Squicks: No Crookshank-eating, but you can imply it and then show the kneazle alive; Golden Showers; Scat; Torture; Graphic Gore
Maximum Rating: Writer’s Choice, but at least R would be nice.

Prompt 33.
  Film:Hellraiser” (the British original)
Creature: Pinhead
Pairing: Tom Riddle/Pinhead (romantic); Voldemort/Pinhead (adversarial)
Era: Pre-Harry Potter or Marauders’ Era
Additions: British Museum; Lucius Malfoy; Bellatrix Black; Albus Dumbledore
Scenario: In his search for immortality, Tom Riddle finds a puzzle box in a dusty corner shop of Nocturn Alley. He solves it and finds himself face-to-face with Pinhead. Years later, after Voldemort has returned, someone else finds the puzzle box and releases Pinhead, whose strange romance with Tom has led to war with Voldemort.
Squicks: Graphic Torture and Gore; Scat; Golden Showers
Maximum Rating: R to NC17

Prompt 34.
  Film: "Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy"
Creature: The Mummy
Pairing: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy; Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley; Harry Potter/The Mummy
Era: Non-HBP Compliant; EWE
Additions: Egyptian cafe and bazaar. Malfoy and Mummy have a family history. Humor. Bondage.
Scenario: Harry and Hermione have been curse-breaking on commission and find themselves low on funds in Egypt. Using the time as a sort of vacation from their real lives, the two end up waiting tables in the Muggle section of Cairo, where they inadvertently stumble across a Wizarding Mummy...who comes to life when a spell of Ron’s goes awry! High-jinks ensue!
Squicks: Graphic violence; Scat; Golden Showers
Maximum Rating: NC17


Prompt 35.
  Film:The Brothers Grimm
Creature: Wicked Witch; Huntsman; Red Riding Hood; The Big, Bad Wolf
Pairing: Remus Lupin/Severus Snape; Moony/Severus Snape
Era: Alternate Universe (still magical)
Additions: Sirius Black (good or bad, author’s choice); Nymphadora Tonks; Bellatrix Lestrange; Minerva McGonagall; there should be some humor in the angst
Scenario: Posing as witch-hunting, myth-debunking brothers the lovers, Remus and Severus, are chased into the Bavarian hinterlands and straight into a Grimm’s fairy tale. The magic of the place begins to pull the werewolf out of Remus. When bodies start piling up, Severus has to find the solution, save his lover, and, oh! He has to rid the land of the Wicked Witch!
Squicks: Graphic violence; Scat; Golden Showers; Major Character Death; Tragedy
Maximum Rating: NC17


Prompt 36.
  Film:The Abominable Dr. Phibes
Creature: Dr. Phibes
Pairing: Severus Snape/Remus Lupin OR Severus Snape/James Potter OR Severus Snape/Sirius Black OR any permutation with the characters given; Lily Potter/James Potter
Era: Alternate Universe/Alternate Reality
Additions: Poppy Pomfrey; Hagrid; Aberforth Dumbledore; Colin Creevy; Andromeda Tonks. Dark or gallows humor as well as camp humor appreciated.
Scenario: Lily Potter was the beloved wife of Dr. James Potter. After a carriage crash in which he’s believed to have died, she’s rushed to St. Mungo’s where she dies on the operating table. Dr. Potter survives—barely, and horribly disfigured—and finds out Lily died where he once saved lives. He plots revenge on the team of Mediwizards and Mediwitches, using the Ten Plagues of Egypt as a guide. He saves his most devious plot for Dr. Severus Snape and his current lover.
Squicks: Graphic Violence; Scat; Golden Showers.
Maximum Rating: NC17

Prompt 37.
CREATURE: Giant Shark
PAIRING: Severus/Remus
ADDITIONS: Brody’s pet cat; Hooper’s chocolate; and Quint’s “constant vigilance!”
SCENARIO: I would like to see Severus as Brody, Remus as Matt Hooper, and Moody as Quint. Following the movie’s storyline, but deviating with a hot romance – developing into a relationship - for Brody and Hooper. (Brody unmarried when he meets Hooper.) Together with Moody as Quint, they find and destroy the menacing huge shark, with lots of fun at sea!
SQUICKS: Golden Showers, scat, sadistic violence, or cat killing/maiming/injuring/eating.
MAXIMUM RATING: Writer’s Choice, but preferably R.

Prompt 38.
  Film: The Puppet Masters
Creature: "slugs" or any appropriate mind-controlling creature to replace the "slugs" from the movie
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Era: post-war
Additions: ministry setting, both work in the ministry
Scenario: people are acting weird and harry (or draco) can't figure out why. they team up (may or may not be aurors) to investigate and find out that creatures are trying to take over the ministry by controlling people's minds
Squicks: crossdressing, mpreg, girly men, scat watersport
Maximum Rating: as high as you can

Prompt 39.
  Film: 28 Days Later
Creature: Zombie
Pairing: Author's Choice
Era: Post appocalypse Hogwarts or AU
Additions: Photo, Chocolate, Car
Scenario: Main Character wakes up in hospital after a coma to find the streets of London empty – or are they? Run from the Zombies!
Squicks: Non-con/Rape, underage, scat, watersports
Maximum Rating: eat your little zombie heart out

Prompt 40.
  Film: Spirited Away
Creature: Dragon!god or dragon
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Era: Up to you
Additions: Special appearances by other HP characters (e.g. Snape as Kamajii, Umbridge as Yubaba, Ron or Hermione as Lin. etc), Hogwarts train
Scenario: Harry becomes trapped in an alternate reality that is inhabited by spirits and monsters. With Draco's help, he has to find a way to free himself, but at what price?
Squicks: (for this fic) Death!fic, scat
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompt 41.
  Film: The Secret Garden
Creature: Part Solar (angel like creature able to decrease battle damage and cast spells; see reference if you need help and Part Hell God (similar to Glory from Season 5 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer - beautiful creature who enjoys others pain and suffering; see reference if you need help. )
Pairing: Draco/writer's choice
Era: After the war
Additions: Lucius never told Draco just how pure their blood really was, why their family had enjoyed serving the Dark Lord so much, nor why his mother was so willing to betray their master (Lucius Part Hell God, Narcissa Part Solar/Angel)
Scenario: After the war, Draco finds peace and new strength to go on in a mysterious locked garden he's discovered and is shocked when learning the identity of its owner and its history
Squicks: Nah - have fun you won't upset me
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompt 42.
  Film: Pan's Labyrinth
Creature : Fairies and Fauns
Pairing : Harry/Draco
Era : Post-War and/or AU
Additions : Happy ending, faun!Harry
Scenario : Voldemort has won as Harry never showed up in the forest (or anything, really). But there are still some rebels and Lucius is in charge of crushing their diminute number. Ofelia!Draco is about to have a little brother or sister but the pregnancy's not going well. He finds in his garden a curious insect/tiny creature/whatever. He goes back to Hogwarts for [insert reason]. The curious thing turns out to be a fairy. It leads him into the forbidden forest, to faun!Harry.
Squicks : Unhappy endings (ambiguous endings count as unhappy)
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompt 43.
  Film: Battle of Los Angeles
Creature: Aliens
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Era: Post war
Additions: Chocolate, cigarettes, joined magic
Scenario: This my be called battle of Los Angeles, but please have it take place in England. When the alien treat arrives, the wizarding world must join forces together to face this new threat.
Squicks: none
Maximum Rating: Author's choice

Prompt 44.
  Film : Daybreakers
Creature : Vampires and thirst-mutated!vampires
Pairing : Harry/Draco
Era: Post-Hogwarts
Additions: Happy ending, sex in the fields (I DEMAND IT <3), not-aging!vampires.
Scenario: Twenty years [give or take] after Voldemort's last death, the wizarding world is much different. Even the muggle one, for that. Almost everyone is a vampire [Voldemort's behind it -his last trick-, you think on the how] and there aren't enough humans left to feed the entire population. Muggles scientists and wizards alike are trying to find a blood substitute, with mixed results, but vampire!Draco is having issues with all the harvesting process although he's slowly starting to feel the Thirst Madness himself when a slightly older warmblooded-and-human!Potter ('Elvis'), thought gone, crosses his path twenty years later.
Squicks: unhappy!ending
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompt 45.
  Film: I am Legend
Creature: Zombies?? (although these zombies are more coherent then mindless things)
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Era: Author's choice
Additions: potion addiction, science and magic used together
Scenario: One of the boys (either Draco or Harry) suddenly find themselves alone in the world, desperate trying to find anyone else alive while avoiding the zombies. They eventually find the other and together they set out, following a rumor (or clues) that there is a colony of Magical folks that have survived the outbreak.
Squicks: none
Maximum Rating: author's choice

Prompt 46.
  Film: Some Like It Hot
Creature: Vampire
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Era: Post Hogwarts or AU
Additions: Yatch, Spats, Ukulele
Scenario: 2 Struggling musicans (Harry and Ron, possibly? Or Harry and Draco. Up to author, Draco could always be Marilyn or the rich guy) witness a mob of Vampires on a killing spree. They go into hiding by dressing as women and joining an all-girl band on tour.
Squicks: Rape. Underage. Scat & watersports.
Maximum Rating: Whatever floats your boat

Prompt 47.
  Film: Ginger Snaps
Creature: Werewolf
Pairing: Draco/Harry if possible, but gen-fic is fine too.
Era: Any
Additions: Ginny in the role of Sam.
Scenario: Harry and Draco are somewhere together (on a mission for the Aurors? Hogsmeade weekend?), Draco gets bitten by a werewolf, Harry does his best to save him. (End of fic up to the writer, I don't mind an unhappy one but if you want to change the ending of the movie, it's fine with me.)
Squicks: No bodily fluids that aren't usually associated with intimate relations. I don't mind blood (obviously), but please keep the other stuff out of the picture. And please no non-con/rape.
Maximum Rating: Hit me with you best shot - the more gore the better (and I don't really require a sex-scene or five in this one, it works just fine without) and the more characters you kill off along the way, the better. :-)

Prompt 48.
  Film: Charlie's Angels
Creature: Incubi, Veela, any others.
Era: Post-Hogwarts, EWE
Additions: Dark Artifact, costumes, Secret room in Auror Headquarters.
Scenario:Kingsley Shacklebolt assigns his three top aurors dangerous undercover missions.
Squicks: No hardcore kinks please.
Maximum Rating: Any

Prompt 49.
  Film: The Hills Have Eyes (2006)
Creature: Wizards/witches mutated in some form
Pairing: Author's choice
Era: Post Battle of Hogwarts, EWE
Additions: St. Mungos, water, broken glass
Scenario: After the Final battle, it is discovered that Voldemort has been leaking radioactive/corrupted/distorted magic. Anybody who'd been in close contact with Voldemort before his death becomes mutated (outside reflecting the inside) over the next year, as the "bad" magic warps their own magical cores. (As this is only vaguely based on THHEs, you can go anywhere from here, including the characters becoming healed somehow/a happy ending. Or you could go on to follow the movie if you'd prefer.)
Squicks: (for the purpose of this prompt) BDSM & fisting
Maximum Rating: Author's choice
-A small warning: If you decide to watch the movie, note that there are rape trigger scenes in this movie.

Prompt 50.
  Film: Anaconda (1997)
Creature: Basilisk
Pairing: Harry/Draco, background Ron/Hermione
Era: EWE
Additions: Muggle camera, Mae West(slang for a PFD/life vest/life preserver), Fire Axe or machete
Scenario: Hermione and Draco, high ranking members of Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures travel to the Amazon River in search of the source of rumors that whisper of a new type of intelligent magical snake. Ron and Harry are the Auror pair are assigned to the trip, as protection, much to the delight of Ron (who still can't stand Malfoy). They start their journey down the river on a boat, after much bickering, and come upon a boat sinking. After saving a mysterious Wizard-turned-snake-hunter (your choice as to who. OC or Cannon Character or even dead cannon character, if you get my drift) from drowning, the man first tries to scare them off the case before finally agreeing to help if he gets part of the credit for the find. When they find the snake, realising its a Giant Basilisk, they turn back, fearing for their lives, only to find the Basilisk has their scent and is quite hungry.
Squicks: None
Maximum Rating: Author's choice

Prompt 51.
  Film: 1984
Creature: boggarts and whatever creature the author thinks fits as worst fear
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Era: EWE
Additions: Ministry of Monitored Magic, the Ministry changing the names of spells in "Newspeak", Forbidden Forest
Scenario: Harry & Draco as Winston & Julia. The Ministry uses Boggarts to discover what people fear most. Instead of being faced with rats in room 101, Harry is threatened with becoming the creature he fears most. When he refuses to break down and turn on Draco, Harry's infected and becomes that creature. Draco's worst fear and whether he breaks are up to you. (My preference, though not mandatory, is for a glimmer of hope at the end; if there's sex, it doesn't matter who tops.)
Squicks: non-con between H and D, infidelity between H and D, either claiming they're not gay, chan.
Maximum Rating: Any

Prompt 52.
  Film: The Grudge (2004)
Creature: Vengence Spirit/Onryo of Merope Gaunt (or any wronged woman, Merope is just a suggestion)
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Era: EWE
Additions: shadows, the sound of a woman crying, Draco pregnant with his and Harry's child
Scenario: After investigating a series of disappearances, all originating in the town of Little Hangleton. Harry returns to the DMLE to write a few reports leaving to return home to Draco, little does he know that the vengeful spirit causing the disappearances has followed him home. Harry remarks to Draco that he has felt like someone's been watching him all day. Draco chides Harry on his paranoia. Over the next week, as Harry continues to investigate the disappearances, Draco becomes distant and worried. Harry returns one night to find Draco being pulled into Darkness. Harry must find a way to save them before Draco and their child are lost forever.
Squicks: (for the purpose of this prompt) BDSM & fisting
Maximum Rating: Author's choice

Prompt 53.
  Film: Death Takes a Holiday (1934)
Creature: Death
Pairing: Draco/Harry or Draco/Hermione or Draco/Luna
Era: 8th Year (AU - Dumbledore lives; Draco was never a student)
Additions: Dumbledore as the Duke, Hogwarts as the Villa, Veritaserum if it works for the story
Scenario: Draco is Death with either Harry or Hermione as Grazia.
Squicks: non-con, infidelity, chan (If it's H/D and there's sex, I have no preference as to who tops.)
Maximum Rating: Any

Prompt 54.
  Film: Resident Evil (2002)
Creature: Zombies
Pairing: Author's choice (slash, het or gen is fine)
Era: EWE or Post Epilogue (for older/Married!Harry)
Additions: strange vials of potions, white-washed halls and labs, difficult escape
Scenario: Two teams of Aurors (including Harry) are sent into a secret underground Ministry facility on the orders of the Minister to get the researchers/potions masters out, after an accidental exposure of harmful magical potions in the sealed labs. Harry and the other three Aurors soon begin to find out that not all is as it appears and that the Ministry has been manufacturing a horrifying mutative potion, that turn witches and wizards into zombies, to use against their enemies. Now the Aurors (and any others found) must try to escape from the magically sealed labs with their lives or turn into one of the horrible monsters themselves. (This could include them finding Draco or other Hogwarts Alumni as researchers/potions masters/security.)
Squicks: No Harry death (other character death is fine, like in the movies/games), other than that, none
Maximum Rating: Author's choice

Prompt 55.
  Film: Once Bitten
Creature: vampire
Pairing: Draco/writer's choice
Era: after the war
Additions: porshe, perfume, bracelet
Scenario: A vampire can only keep its eternal youth by feeding on the blood of a virgin every 100 years and this year the vampire sets its sights on the virgin blood of ...(author's choice)
Squicks: Ha! None, have a blast!
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompt 56.
  Film: Harvey (1950)
Creature: Pooka (Irish Fairy)
Pairing: Harry/Draco or Ron/Draco or Harry/Luna or Draco/Luna
Era: EWE
Additions: Honeydukes, Janus Thickey Ward as the sanatorium, a rabbit making a cameo appearance in some way (doesn't have to be a real rabbit; it could be the name of a cocktail or a Volkswagon Rabbit, etc.)
Scenario: Draco or Luna as the Pooka no one else can see, taking the place of Harvey, and I'd like Draco or Luna to look human some, if not all, of the time. Worried friend Hermione in place of Veta (unless you go with Draco/Luna, in which case it's worried friend Pansy as Veta).
Squicks: non-con, infidelity, sad ending
Maximum Rating: For this one, R maximum.

Prompt 57.
  Film: Halloween (Original version, not the crappy remake!)
Creature: Author's Choice
Pairing: Gen, Harry/Draco, or anyone else you want. (But if H or D are with anyone, then H/D.)
Era: Author's Choice
Additions: Knitting needle, candy corn, blood-flavoured lollipops.
Scenario: Movie: Character is institutionalized as a child for murder, then escapes and hunts down his (adopted) youngest sister, killing her friends along the way. With the help of a psychologist, he is run off (comes back in later movies). Fic: Have whoever you want as the killer. Voldemort, Dudley (extra points!), Dark!Harry - whoever. It doesn't need to follow the initial setup, but I like the idea of an unkillable murderer offing people and the central characters running for their lives. I ask that no main characters die if you can help it, but minor characters were practically made for killing. ♥ Romance isn't necessary, but always fun. Resolve the situation however you like, and feel free to change the ending (or incorporate bits from the latter movies)! You can change the nature and make this humourous or dramatic instead of scary if it floats your boat. Most of all, have fun!!!
Squicks: Excessive gore (this if from the good days of 'scare the bejeezus out of me without turning my stomach), unhappy ending (even if it's, say, Dark!Harry getting away with it), scat, watersports. Unhappy ending – make it happy or at least ambiguous in a positive way (such as if you twist it to use Dark!Harry, have him get away with it, etc.)
Maximum Rating: Author's choice, but the higher the better! Let's just say I doubt this will be G.

Prompt 58.
  Film: Simply Irresistable
Creature: Fae or unconventional veela. Perhaps part-veela with an odd way of showing the allure?
Pairing: Harry/Draco, Al/Score, BOTH (super mega points!!!), or author's choice.
Era: Post-Hogwarts or AU.
Additions: Souffle, sparkly pink hairclip, giant whisk.
Scenario: Character A inherits a restaurant, but seems to have absolutely no cooking skill at all. Along comes Character B, who C.A falls head over heels for - and suddenly the food is not only spectacular, but it seems to be making people feel whatever emotion C.A wants to express when making the dish. C.B starts to suspect C.A of some sort of magical mind control when he finds himself falling in love. Slow romance is a plus, as is lots of silliness. Supportive friends are always nice! Love scenes aren't necessary, but just think of the potential with chocolate... >.> *cough*
Squicks: Non-con, scat, watersports, main character death, unhappy ending, excessive angst.
Maximum Rating: As high or low as you want! Have fun, whether it's G or NC-17!!! :D