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The rules post!

The Rules for the 2011 Creature Fest (borrowed heavily from the Rules post at 2010 Valentine Veela Fest and hd_career_fair, so thanks to the mods over there)

This fest for multiple pairings within the HP fandom. This year's fest will be anonymous, with a reveal after all the fic and art have posted. All fiction and art MUST be new and written/drawn specifically for this fest. It should NOT be posted anywhere else until after the Reveal, which will be at the end of February.

You can submit up to five prompts. Each prompt should include the following information:

Film: the film you would like your prompt based on
Creature: the creatures that must be included
Pairing: express what pairing if you have a preference, or gen fic if you'd rather
Era: specify whether you want a story/art be EWE, Epilogue-compliant or AU, or if that is left up to the writer/artist
Additions: list three items/concepts/words to include in the story
Scenario: what would you like to see happen?
Squicks: list things you really don’t want to see in this fic
Maximum Rating: G to NC-17 or leave that up to the writer/artist

Once claiming opens, prompt claims should be emailed to the mods at with your name and the number of the prompt you want.

Each prompt can be claimed twice – once for fic and once for art.

Each person can claim one prompt at a time, but you can come back and claim another prompt if you finish yours early.

Submissions should be emailed to the most on or (ideally) before the due date at

• Stories should have a minimum of 1000 words.
• Experience shows that stories at the 8000 word length are read the most.
• All submissions must be beta-read and free of spelling mistakes. The name of the beta(s) should be included in the story information. There will be a post for betas to volunteer their services, should you find yourself in need of a beta.
• All submissions will be checked before posting and, if necessary, returned to the author with comments. We reserve the right to make general spelling, canon spelling and minor grammatical changes and will send an amended version of the document back to the author.
• All work should be a stand-alone and MUST not be part of another series or a sequel.
• Your finished story must be supplied as a Word document with the “.doc”, ".docx", or ".txt" coding. It should be supplied complete with all LJ coding, such as bold and italic, and appropriate warnings.

• To submit fiction for the fest, please use the following header:

• This should be a stand-alone piece, but can be in the form of a comic or a movie.

• To submit artwork for the fest, please use the following header:


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